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Still funny

Shaggy Blog StoriesSo, as Music Man pointed out in a comment to my previous post, I have had my submission selected as one of 100 British blog posts in ‘Shaggy Blog Stories’, a book created and printed for Comic Relief.  For details of the other 99 bloggers, see Troubled Diva’s post, and to get hold of a copy of the book (if you want to), go to . It’s all in a good cause, and there must be a few posts in there to tickle everyone’s funny bones. I’ve ordered my copy and look forward to discovering some new bloggers.

Meanwhile, I’m rather glad I’ve got the day off from the Library of Doom, as the office is running an odd variation on the swear box – a variation that, among other things, would mean I wouldn’t be able to sing without a penalty all day!  How would such a thing be possible?  It really would be asking too much.  Even for charity.

What’s so funny?

comedymask1.gifYesterday, I submitted an old post to Troubled Diva’s Shaggy Blog Stories project, an attempt to gather funny blog posts from across the UK into a book in one week (yes, just one!) to support Comic Relief, also known as Red Nose Day, a UK fundraiser held every 2 years or so to aid a number of worthwhile causes.  The deadline for submissions is today, so any British bloggers reading this and thinking ‘oh, what a good idea’ will need to get their skates on.  Or, of course, you can always buy the book once it goes on sale, to see which of my posts I submitted.

Humour is a funny thing, isn’t it?  In both senses of the word, I mean.  Everyone finds different things funny and everyone has the capacity to be funny, even if they don’t do so very often.  There are people who are surprised when they discover that I have a sense of humour, for instance, due to my capacity for taking things terribly seriously.  And I can’t work out why I find some things funny, but not others.  Is humour genetically determined?  Or just completely random?  I don’t know, but there must be a reason why I find Some Like It Hot hilarious, but don’t care for League of Gentlemen.  Mustn’t there?  Not that it matters.  I’ll laugh when I feel like it, thank you.  And I’ll stop rambling on about the concept of ‘funny’ right about…


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