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Shaggy Blog StoriesSo, as Music Man pointed out in a comment to my previous post, I have had my submission selected as one of 100 British blog posts in ‘Shaggy Blog Stories’, a book created and printed for Comic Relief.  For details of the other 99 bloggers, see Troubled Diva’s post, and to get hold of a copy of the book (if you want to), go to . It’s all in a good cause, and there must be a few posts in there to tickle everyone’s funny bones. I’ve ordered my copy and look forward to discovering some new bloggers.

Meanwhile, I’m rather glad I’ve got the day off from the Library of Doom, as the office is running an odd variation on the swear box – a variation that, among other things, would mean I wouldn’t be able to sing without a penalty all day!  How would such a thing be possible?  It really would be asking too much.  Even for charity.


    Oh, gosh, can I tell people I’ve met you? Can I? Can I? Can I?

    This is SOOOOOOO cool

    *Ahem* Excuse metamorphosis into over-excited twelve-year-old. I’d blame the cold medication but this really is SOOOOOOO cool.

  2. Well, of course you can brag to your friends! Sadly, I don’t recall saying or doing anything particularly amusing at Hyde Park, but you can always make something up…

    Or encourage them to see me being funny in person, as Ralph in Kiss Me, Kate – March 27th-31st, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. Box office 01227 787787, website

    Oops, did my own metamorphosis there – into shameless plug machine!

  3. I know I’ve already said this, but congratulations! Wow, are you really in Kiss Me, Kate? I will make sure I buy a ticket! (:

  4. Woooh Hoooo! I saw your name on Dr Crippen’s blog and thought “I know that librarian!”

    What Reed said!



    • Treavor
    • March 19th, 2007

    Congrats on the entry in “Shaggy Blog Stories”. I’ll definately check it out.

  5. Hi Singing Librarian
    I got my copy of Shaggy Blog Stories today. I guessed that might be the one you had submitted. I thought it was funny at the first time of reading and it stands up on second reading. As a whole the book looks impressive, problem is I will have a lot of new blogs to start checking out!

  6. My copy arrived today! I’ve read your post several times on your blog and reading it again today it’s still funny! Thanks. (=

  7. Mine has arrived as well, which is jolly, jolly exciting! So strange to look at a couple of pages in a book and say ‘I wrote that!’. Checking out the other submissions is also most exciting.

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