Show the librarians some love!

Sometimes you find the most surprising things in the book return box.  First thing on a Thursday morning, this is one of my tasks, carried out as part of the routine of getting the temporary library up and running for the day.  Gone is the hideous wooden thing lurking in the corner, replaced by a much older, but more aesthetically pleasing blue metal drop box.  Given previous form and stories of drop boxes across the world, you might expect to find bacon rashers, dead squirrels, old underwear or hastily stashed contraband in there.  However, the only item I’ve found in there so far which wasn’t part of library stock was much more unexpected.  This:

How to bribe a librarian...

How to bribe a librarian...

A box of chocolates.  With a handwritten note.  One of the most unexpected occurrences in my career, and that includes the day the library flooded, and the fact that anyone wanted to employ me in the first place (the Library of Doom was the only place that offered me an interview).  The label might not be too easy to read, but it says:

To the library staff, Just to say thank you for all your help over this ‘change over’ time.  It’s really appreciated! Very best wishes from ‘a grateful student.’

Somehow it was made more special by the fact that it was left anonymously, not handed over to us.  They didn’t want our appreciation, just to thank us.  Thanks are s rare, particularly thanks that come with a sugar hit.  Rest assured that we were a very happy bunch of library people when these were shown around, and even more so when we ate them.  Thank you, anonymous grateful student, you really made our day.

  1. That’s one of the nicest things I’ve heard of. Those anonymous gifts are the best type.

  2. Fantastic. Just be grateful it wasn’t posted in the box immediately before a particularly hefty hardback…

  1. September 27th, 2010

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