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It’s about time…

I have a bit of an issue with time.  If I have a deadline, or an estimated time of arrival, I absolutely have to make it or I will teeter on the brink of an anxiety attack.  I dislike arriving late so much that I will always aim to be early, sometimes excessively so (just in case something happens en route which delays me), and often end up walking around the block a few times, or pacing up and down, since arriving early can be terribly inconvenient for the people you are meeting as well (as the lovely carpet fitters who came 45 minutes earlier than expected proved, catching us still frantically painting ceilings and moving furniture).

I don’t apply the same standard to everyone else, at least not to the same extent, but it does make me annoyed when people drift in to rehearsals over a 15 minute period, seemingly unaware of the alleged start time.  I think part of that is connected with the concept of purpose.  The purpose of the time spent at rehearsals is to rehearse, so I get very impatient if I’m at the rehearsal venue, but not actually doing anything connected with the show.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t quite so worried about timekeeping – it would be nice to have one less potential cause of stress and anxiety, since I am so very good at winding myself up.  I have wondered whether it’s one of the traits that marks me out as being very British, but since I don’t drink either tea or beer, am not overly fond of cricket and don’t always mind a bit of rain, I’m not entirely sure that I fit the stereotypical mould at all.

It’s also about time I started posting here on a regular schedule again, and preferably with something more about either singing or being a librarian, since those are the title topics of the blog.  I shall try.

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