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One year later

It is a really amazing thought that it is a year ago today that Ben Mills first asked the audience what to do with the lamp, rubbed it and received a visitation from a librarian in an alarmingly revealing costume.  Yes, Aladdin opened a year ago, and what a year it has been, both on stage and off.

Such a lot has happened over the past twelve months, much of it never mentioned here.  Many things have had more significance than you might expect, such as the arrival of carpet in various rooms of the house (bedrooms, front room, hall, stairs and landing) which really helped make it feel like home.  More major life changes have included the move from the old Library of Doom to the sparkly new building which I am coming to think of as the Learning Centre of Farce.  There have been some very good times and some very bad times – there have been points during the last 12 months when I’ve been proud of myself and others where I’ve been ashamed.

In theatrical terms, the year has been varied and exciting.  Continue reading

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