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The world will always welcome lovers?

…or Torchwood and the gay agenda’.

The first series of Torchwood came to an end this week in the British Isles, managing to bring many of its threads to a close while still hanging a huge ‘to be continued’ sign on the final scene.  I have greatly enjoyed this series, even during times when it seemed there was more hole than plot and the all-too-frequent occasions when the best character (quiet young Ianto) was relegated to the tiniest of supporting roles.  Good, quirky fun.  Less entertaining, often, is the rather unpleasant reaction it gets in various corners of the internet which object to the show’s ‘gay agenda’.  It has not shied away from showing sexuality in many manifestations and has thus probably made an enemy of the Daily Mail and similar British institutions.  And, it would seem, a large number of the internet’s denizens.

Watch out if you haven’t seen all of Torchwood.  Some spoilers will follow.

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