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Random tagging

Well, it seems I have been tagged by Doctor Z, and am instructed to tell you eight random things about myself.  So, what is there to know about the Singing Librarian which I haven’t already splurged all over this blog?  Let’s see…

1. I may have hobbits somewhere in my family tree.  That’s right, I have hairy toes.  However, I’m not quite short enough to fit the bill, though I do like their eating regime – lots and often.

2. My least favourite part of any show I perform in is the curtain call.  I feel like a complete idiot wanderng forwards and taking a bow, and make it as short as I can possibly get away with.  If I can get away without a bow, I’m quite happy.

3. I measure things on a continuum that ranges from crocodiles to raspberries, the nadir and zenith of creation.  Crocodiles and their relatives are hateful, hateful things which simply shouldn’t be allowed, with their disturbing teeth and their habit of pretending to be innocent logs.  If they appear in a wildlife documentary, I actually have to hide behind a cushion.  Raspberries are surely the opposite – a flavour that sets the taste buds racing and thrills me almost as much as discovering a fantastic new song.  With cream, in a cheesecake, or just on their own, raspberries are just heavenly. Continue reading

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