Who is the Singing Librarian?

The Singing Librarian has been working in libraries in South-East England since Autumn 2000.  He used to work in the Library of Doom, so named due to the various problems it encountered over the years, including floods, near-death experiences and rampaging wildfowl.  He currently oversees the library provision for health students of three universities, in a role that includes a good deal of teaching.  He loves it.

The Singing Librarian has too many degrees.  In addition to his librarianship qualification and a PG Certificate in Higher Education (with FHEA status), he has a BA in English Language and Theatre Studies, as well as an MA in Literature.  His Masters dissertation topic was on the influence of the theatre on Henry Fielding’s novels, which he found most interesting.  He enjoys worthy literature, but can more frequently be found with his head buried in some sort of genre fiction.

The Singing Librarian would not really describe himself as a singer, since he is untrained, but he does sing regularly.  He has sung in choirs, concerts, operas and musicals, and is happiest when he can act and sing at the same time.  He can’t really dance, but he tries very hard.  For more on his on stage exploits, see the ‘On Stage’ page or posts in the ‘Singing Librarian flashback’ category.

The Singing Librarian is a Christian, and attends an Anglican church, where he helps out in a variety of ways.  His beliefs are deeply held and very important to him, but he will not force others to conform to them.

The Singing Librarian loves raspberries, hates crocodiles and talks to himself too much.

  1. Wasn’t sure where to post this, but I thought you’d enjoy it…

    Library Light Bulbs

  2. Wonderful! Very true as well…

    • Dickie and Butch
    • March 23rd, 2010


    We have recently set up a new theatre and music blog and have just added your excellent site to our blogroll. We are two young and passionate theatregoers and we would love it if you could take a look at our blog and add us to your own blogroll. Please feel free to leave us any feedback or advice as we are always looking on ways to improve the site.


    Many Thanks

    Dickie and Butch

  3. This is propably the best library song ever:

    all the best
    Christer in Sweden

  4. You’re not a quasi-librarian anymore! 🙂

  5. Thank your for your previous post about Kiss Me Kate! It was posted on our facebook page. Our 80 year old theatrical group is performing it this summer. http://www.facebook.com/brandywiners.

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