A show in a week?

Sometimes, it’s fun to scare yourself a little.  Roller-coasters.  New culinary sensations.  Whatever gets the adrenaline pumping.  So why not put on a show with one week of rehearsals?  That’s pretty much what Lights Up Productions have been up to.  It’s extraordinarily scary, but very exciting as well.

The show is I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, a comic exploration of dating, romance, marriage and every aspect of love.  The cast of eight portray dozens of characters as we move from first dates to meeting the parents, marriage, kids and beyond.  The main ingredient in the rehearsal room has been laughter, as we have dissolved into fits of giggles (and the occasional snort) on many occasions.  There are some serious bits as well, with some of the songs and sketches showing extraordinary honesty, particularly those which look at long-term relationships and at people coping with the loss of their loved ones.

We started rehearsals with a full-cast epic vocal session on Sunday 10th April, and one week later we had our first run-through.  So in that time, we learned twenty scenes and twenty musical numbers.  We have raided our wardrobes and the charity shops of Kent for an amazing array of costumes (everyone has numerous changes, and most of us have had to think carefully about what underwear at least one of our characters should wear).  But we did it.  A show learned in one week, and the next time I see the rest of the cast will be for the sound check at the theatre.  By this point, it’ll be almost too late to polish performances, as we have the logistics of microphones, costume changes, set changes and so on to deal with.  Thursday will essentially be spent putting clothes on and taking them off again.  Over and over.  And then some more.

As well as the scary aspect of putting a show together in a week, the show holds other reasons for trepidation for the Singing Librarian.  In two musical numbers, I spend some time in a state of undress (but then, so do most of the rest of the cast).  No ‘naughty bits’ visible, but it’s still outside my comfort zone.  As is the subject matter, for the show is definitely not one for the children.  I am OK with everything I have to do, but is close to the edge of what I would consider acceptable Singing Librarian behaviour.  I don’t always exactly feel comfortable, particularly at the point when I have to scramble around the stage in vest and boxer shorts, but you just have to move beyond the awkwardness and perform.  Lights Up Productions are good at taking my outside my comfort zones in different ways.  If I get cast in another one of their shows, who knows what I could end up doing…

So I’m back at the day job for a couple of days.  Harmonies will be revised on the train to and from work.  A couple of extra bits of costume will be unearthed.  And a highly entertaining, rather scary and intense few days at the Tower Theatre will be anticipated.

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change is on at the Tower, Theatre Folkestone on 22nd and 23rd April at 7.30pm.  Tickets are the very reasonable price of £8 and can be booked online at www.towertheatrefolkestone.co.uk or by telephone on 01303 223925.

Rehearsal blogs (the second including me sounding extremely pretentious) :

    • Trish
    • April 21st, 2011

    That sounds great fun. I don’t know how it it is possible to put on a show in a week but it is amazing what you can do if you try.
    I don’t quite understand what you mean about ‘Harmonies will be revised on the train to and from work’ – I have visions of singing commuters 🙂

    I really like the youtube rehearsal blogs (and the special effects).

  1. I was indeed listening to and humming the harmonies on the train. And even singing them on Monday night, as I was on a late train home and was the only person in my carriage!

  2. Haha that sounds awesome! I really enjoy browsing around your site. How long have you been singing for?

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