Autumn ends

The summer growth, uniformly verdant, gave way.
Many-hued warmth crept in, creating vibrant variety.
But this too passed, one by one the colours faded.
They leave behind the skeletal remains, a delicate filigree of empty branches.
Suddenly sunlight can fall on ground that was alien territory
And the world takes on a sad beauty as autumn ends.

  1. Lovely. I was thinking about the change from autumn to winter on the train this morning. It was beautiful outside, with the sun making the frosty grass sparkle, but there was a sadness about it as well, somehow.

    • Trish
    • November 17th, 2010

    I think the poem captures the sadness of the landscape at this time of year. Everything is dying and some of the birds are leaving. Then just before Christmas there is a change as the days start to get longer again. The light seems different somehow and the landscape takes on a surreal beauty.

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