2008 becomes 2009

Looking back over this year in the world of the Singing Librarian, I found that I couldn’t really put things into words fit for blogging, and yet I know that a year-end post is rather expected.  So what is there that I can say?  Strangely for me, not much. This has been a very eventful year with a few downs but many ups with things that I never expected to happen coming to pass.  I have been changed for the better by certain people and events, I have learned lessons and I have had unforgettable experiences.

I am a very lucky man, in so very many ways.  In relationships, in health and in the opportunities I am handed to do things I love, this has been a good twelve months.  The library has perhaps been more frustrating than usual this year, but I do have the consolation of knowing that I am now a qualified librarian and may, eventually, be able to progress up some sort of career ladder.  All in all, I look back and see that this is a year I am very grateful for, and I enter 2009 with a lot of hope, optimism and expectations.  See you there in a few hours!

  1. Have a peaceful and prosperous year. Your blog is entertaining. I rather like it.

  2. Feliz Año Nuevo!

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