It must be summer…

Things can get rather silly in the Library of Doom.  It’s probably a reflex action that helps us cope, making us laugh instead of scream.  The silliness tends to be most obvious over the summer, as there are very few students in (so you can get away with more) and other than stock management, there’s not all that much to do.

So it really shouldn’t have been a surprise when I bounded out enthusiastically for a session on the issue desk (one hour, serving approximately ten students) and was handed an origami boat.  Perfectly normal, really.  However, I was rather surprised, and was intrigued by the note on said boat, which said

Dear D–,
This is a boat, not a hat.  Please open it. 
Signed Mrs Duck

Mrs Duck is a well-known feature of the Library of Doom, coming back to nest each year and causing a welcome bit of havoc as she does so.  Naturally, I wanted to know what sort of message she might have for me, and chose to gloss over the issue of how she actually managed to write the message.

Inside was a lovely picture of her family and the following additional message:

Dear D–,
Here are some ducks.
They would like to quack a short message:
Quack, quaack, quack
We hope you are alright and that you have a nice week off next week.
Love from The Ducks

I’m not entirely sure how the ducks know that I’m on leave next week, but I am touched by their concern for my wellbeing.  I’m also very impressed with the information content of those three quacks.  For my part, I hope Mrs Duck and her brood are still going strong (either here or elsewhere) when I return from my break.

  1. You’re still trying to make me jealous of your ducks, aren’t you? 😉

    I’m relieved the moorhens don’t know about your vacation. Here they come! Run for your life!

  2. Argh!!! As long as the blighters don’t follow me home, I should be OK… 🙂

  3. I wish we had ducks. They’d be cuter than builders. Do you want to swap? The ducks can live on the pond in the basement where the Store books used to be before the builders hit a water-pipe in the floor above…

  4. Aaww. That’s sweet.

  5. Would you think worse of me if I admitted to liking moorhens?

  6. There is very little that I could be convinced to swap the ducks for. And liking moorhens is OK. I quite like moorhens in general – it’s just *these* moorhens, which are evil and clearly planning to take over the world, that I object to!

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