View from the office window [Haiku]

Moorhens by the pond
Built like dinosaurs, they stalk
Chasing the blackbirds

  1. Moorhens dinosaurs… I like that. I’m going to go down to the park and look at the local colony.

    Must write some more poetry myself. All this is inspirational.

  2. Ben/Behn is much better at haikuing than I am.

    And it’s only really the chicks (now past the pom-pom cute stage) that look like dinosaurs. They remind me of the velociraptors from Jurassic Park!

  3. Ever seen baby pidgeons? Ugliest things ever – all bald with bulbous eyes, look more like baby lizards than birds especially when they are doing the ‘barely being able to crawl around’ thing. Though seeing them so helpless like that does tug at me ol’ heartstrings, ugly or not.

    Pigeons here and there
    So stupid they really can’t
    well, do anything

    Except end up as cat food or get run over. Honestly, that’s one seriously stupid bird!

  4. We used to breed pigeons, back in the Old Days when I lived on a farm. Not fancy ones. Edible ones. There is nothing more horrible than a baby pigeon. But then, nestling birds tend to look a little ooky because they needn’t waste the resources on being pretty and ‘findable’. They stay put and make hungry nosies, frantic parents know where the nest is and stuff dinner in. Birds that have to trundle about after Mum have to look cute enough to be worth the effort of rounding up, I suppose. So ducks, chickens, moorhens, coots, all look somewhat fluffier and dinkier and velociraptorier.

    Baby lizards are beautiful. I had one hatch in my sandal once. It looked like a little wriggling jewel.

  5. I’m sure that baby lizards are quite beautiful . . . especially when you aren’t expecting a cute fluffy baby bird. 😉

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