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Still haven’t found what they’re looking for

It seems that it is a rule of blogging to use a post here and there to ponder the many and varied reasons that people choose to visit the blog in question, and it also seems that (having apparently passed 2000 ‘hits’) it is time for the Singing Librarian to ponder this.  Of course, the majority of the people that leave comments here are people that I know from elsewhere, either in that dodgy thing we sometimes call ‘real life’ or from another site, generally h2g2.  However, I know there are others who pass through, either regularly or for a one-off visit, and it’s always intriguing to see what search engine terms have brought the new visitors here.  And most of them will have been rather disappointed, I fear. Continue reading

To begin…

Well, a blog.  Something I swore I would never do, because it’s just too geeky.  But the time has now come to unleash my inner geek, bare whatever bits of my soul I feel like baring and write something fascinating.  Perhaps tomorrow. 

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